Connect with innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals and investors.

Collaboration: One of the key benefits of coworking is the knowledge, experience, and perspective the various members bring into the space. Together we are stronger economically, socially and culturally than we are working in isolation.

Openness: We believe in openness. We all benefit when we share our knowledge, ideas and thoughts. Use our open spaces, participate in open discussions, and ask for support and help.

Community: We thrive on connections. Within RadikalHub we are a community and we are pleased to support and participate in the community that surrounds us.

Accessibility: Popular lore has it that Radikal stands for “Revolutionary and unconventional” therefore we welcome all types of individuals, businesses and independent knowledge seekers.

Sustainability: We believe in the sustainability of our planet, people and business. The sharing of infrastructure and resources is a pillar of Radikal. But more importantly we believe all business should be based on sustainable relationships, models and executions.

“A Place for inspiration and growth”

“Vibrant and diverse bunch of “doers” working on amazing things”

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