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The bedrock of technology, cultural and business foundation of Lagos

We are in Surulere

Ideally situated and well-connected as a central hub of commerce, with Yaba, Ikeja, Oshodi, Mushin, Apapa, Lagos Island & all major markets and technology hubs within a 10 minute drive.

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03 Services We Offer

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Connect with innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals and investors.

Our Co-Working Space

Coworking isn’t just about the space, an office or a desk it is about a combination of community and core values. At the heart of coworking is the shared belief that productivity and creativity are enhanced by collaboration and we can all benefit from working in a shared space with other likeminded individuals.

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05 Our Benefits

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Our Incubation program

Benefits of joining our incubation program

The program is open to startup teams from anywhere in the world that are looking to grow their businesses in Africa, particularly Nigeria. We are looking for committed and ambitious founders with technology solutions that have gained some traction, generating revenue, addresses a clear need/want and has the potential to scale.

  1. Funding up to $20,000
  2. Office Space and Internet for your team
  3. Access to network of Corporate partners
  4. Hands on Administrative and Business Support
  5. Access to investors
  6. Access to industry experts and mentorship
06 Exciting News

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Twitter Stream

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